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Setting up your Gmail account using Recent Mode


Do your applications compete for your Gmail?  Some go in to Outlook, you see some on your phone.  If your phone gets them all, you don’t get them in Outlook at all, even if you leave them on the server? As your devices fetch your email, it can be hidden from the next device that checks the same Gmail account at a later time.  You can turn off the “enable Gmail POP access” and then turn it on again, or set up email using IMAP.

How do you fix that?  Gmail has a setting called  Recent Mode and it is VERY EASY to use; especially if you already have your email set up and only want to edit it.  Tweaking your user name is all you need to do!

Set up All Your Gmail Mail in All Your Programs and Devices using Recent Mode

To use Gmail’s “recent” mode and fetch all your email to a mobile device or program such as Outlook, even if you have already downloaded it on another device, is to tweak as follows:

  • Go to your Gmail account settings in the email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) or mobile application (Gmail or Email settings on your iPad or Smartphone);
  • Precede your user name with “recent:”.
    • EXAMPLE:  If your user name is “”, tweak it/edit it to read “”.

That’s it! 

If you don’t know where to make these changes, here are some tips from Google:

Once you enable recent mode, please be sure to configure your POP client to leave messages on the server according to the instructions below:

Simple as pie!  And, speaking of pie, today is Memorial Day here and I want to wish everyone a splendid day.  Thank you to all the Veterans who have served and are serving and who have kept our Freedoms intact.  I also want to thank those on the homefront who support our Veterans.  We haven’t had a barbeque here at the house in years due to the declining health of family, so I am looking forward to a day spent here at the house with family, renewing a tradition of time together and a barbecue with all the trimmings! 



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