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  • Dr. Tony Alessandra on the DISC Platinum Rule
    In the latest edition of BNI's online, international newsletter, SuccessNet, longtime BNI supporter Dr. Tony Alessandra (pictured at left) wrote a powerful article on the importance of treating others the way they want to be treated when networking and in everyday life. Click on the "Read More" tab for access to this eye-opening article. 

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Old Technology – New Technology


Saw this in an email today and couldn’t resist….enjoy!

Mom and the kids had been up in the attic together doing some cleaning. The kids uncovered an old manual typewriter and asked her, “Hey Mom, what’s this?”

“Oh, that’s an old typewriter,” she answered, thinking that would satisfy their curiosity.

“Well what does it do?” they asked.

“I’ll show you,” she said and returned with a blank piece of paper. She rolled the paper into the typewriter and began striking the keys, leaving black letters of print on the page.

“WOW!” they exclaimed, “that’s really cool, but how does it work like that? Where do you plug it in?”

“There is no plug,” she answered. “It doesn’t need a plug.”

“Then where do you put the batteries?” they persisted.

“It doesn’t need batteries either,” she continued.

“Wow! This is so cool!” they exclaimed. “Someone should have invented this a long time ago!”


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